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Maps of Us

by c.layne

Release 05:06
In between the pages You will find what’s beneath I will test your patience Just by hearing you breathe I can’t let you go like that, it’s not so easy I’m sincere in my attempts to wait it out Building up so long you wait for interruption A tremor grows like powers Of the code that you release Here it comes, a gun for a connection The way it moves, to say it lets me out Fingers bend and cross for intersection They clasp for warmth and grasp to figure out Hold it there, completing this illusion The features flow like numbers in my hands Forget it all, no time for this confusion Just slip so low that we both understand
Syrup 04:45
The moment that we came alive I knew that we would never die Let’s go again The moment that we set this fire We burned together side by side Let’s go again I hope for it Twist myself for it I know that you will come when I see red You better believe me We never go easy The blood that we conjure You’ve woken a monster The longer we lie here The clearer it appears It only gets stronger You’ve woken a monster
Glass 04:19
Wait here hopefully Weaving black like a color Lost in the leaves Place hands carefully Over glass like a cover Break easily just for me Blending skillfully Into backgrounds unnoticed Right next to me Watching patiently Open up like a lotus Enveloping everything In a glass world Going faster On our slipping feet In a past life
Illuminate 05:46
Dark to hold you closer Blend into me Serene No light can illuminate Or reveal Serene Fall so far, so hard And pass into another time A way away Together down into a void
Visitation 04:30
Can we learn to fall Under blankets that we saw A revelation Soaked in failing light Our visitations rights were all That I could hope for Bes possess you The petals of the flesh caress you Like a coil Like a calling master If I could best you Call forth the tangled mess to test you Just to foil And now you’re calling faster Feral lives Feral needs I won’t put you out I won’t clip your claws I won’t bare my teeth I won’t hold you back
Sensors 03:42
Take a breath, lie down In the center Watch the feelers come out And reenter Crawling over your heart Send you under Forced to stop and restart Rent asunder The sensors go down Define for me all that you know Display for me all that you own Defenses go down Present to me all that you know And give to me all that you own Take a moment to pause And remember All the old things you had And dismembered Like a hole through the heart Let it come through Though they all may have gone They don’t leave you
Gauze 04:13
We have this kind of conversation We have this type of speech that we both know Where no words are spoken No questions asked But do you know the answer? It’s lying beside you An arc of curves you set in motion I see the colors of your chemicals The slightest little notion Of what’s to come We both know the answer We both talk slow Say words unclear, unknown Breathe fast, revolve Make love, destroy, dissolve The end of me The end of you, converge I stop, you start Blending complete We merge Incomplete without the other Take a phantom for a lover Taking on a different meaning Be the gauze to stop my bleeding I’ll bend the light ‘Til we survive Tend to each other
Confess 05:13
The stolen key My only To end the peace Oh no Seek out the body of your work alone Seek out the pleasures of your heart alone Alone Confess Feel less Appear before me Alone A plane laid out before me Goes on Attached to all I see To fold, to pull, to fall
Falls 04:17
In the light There is a reason to stay on Hold a candle For a fire that’s never gone When the darkness falls Everything else seems so distant And there’s nothing else I feel but you When desire calls It would be so foolish not to listen at all All your many numbers I would count them all Hold them in my fingers Just to watch them fall Fold them into themselves I want to contain you Fold them into myself I want to contain you
Down 04:21
Slow down with me Go down with me Lie down with me Don’t hurry So we find ourselves Without a place to stand Alone, but for the other hand Come down with me I know we’ve been so high And we can hardly wonder why I wonder why So we find a place That we can call our own And tear it down To make our home Let’s make a home We’ll make it home


A romp in the shadows.


released December 13, 2014

All tracks performed, recorded, produced and mastered by c.layne
Artwork by c.layne
(cc) 2014 c.layne




c.layne Christmas Island

Some nice songs from a rotten boy.

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